enduring encounters is a project by Mariana Aboim, Sarafina Paulina Bonita, and Cannach MacBride at Available & The Rat.

about the project

enduring encounters is an exhibition and series of events that focuses on artistic work that address what is materially intangible but still sensed and processed, specifically asking what it means to endure normative frameworks. The artists in enduring encounters use text, spoken word, sound, animation, and otherwise to dismantle associations tied to language, scientific and historical knowledge systems, and white heteronormative supremacy.

about the artists

Mariana Aboim is an artist, tutor and researcher. She uses textual and recorded [spoken] word to explore nonconscious 'afferences' of imposed cis-heteronormative patterns, and how the dismissal of supremacist impositions inevitably leads to forms of socio-political justice.

Sarafina Paulina Bonita (they/them) is a queer, Surinamese-Dutch, artist who works with language, translation, gender codes and racial biases. They create performances and poetry from an intersectional approach that focuses on the experience of otherness.

Cannach MacBride is a white Scottish artist and editor. They are doing PhD research at UAL on differently positioned modes of listening, as a creative and more-than-aural practice, with political and ethical possibility.

how to know

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enduring encounters will happen both virtually and in person, at Available & The Rat on Gouwstraat 21 in Rotterdam.

The live events happening at Available & The Rat will be hosted both outside on the sidewalk (screenings from the street-level window) and inside the gallery. Available & The Rat is on street level, with one step into the entrance, over which a ramp can be placed for an incline. The hall between the exterior door and the interior threshold is approximately 98cm wide by 190cm deep. There is a paid parking lot across the street from the gallery (a minute walk), with ramped curbs to cross the street nearby on both sides.

Once inside the space, there is a toilet on the same level. Seating can be provided to guests who prefer not to stand for long periods of time. There is also a green and quiet backyard with seating which is open to all visitors for most events one step down from the apartment level. A ramp can be used to descend this step as well.


This project has been supported with a subsidy from the Royal College of Art, and is a part of a six-month programming subsidy from Stichting Droom en Daad.